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A muscle man admiration site wouldn’t be complete without a mention of fan favorite Randy West. This guy is so handsome it oughta be illegal. If it is, lock us up! Even with his well-developed musculature, he still retains a long, lean, hungry look that makes all those muscles indescribably sexy. We wanted to show off his supermodel-good looks to best advantage even though he’s not naked here, but if you click on the photo, you’ll get to see ALL of Randy’s big meaty muscles, if you get what we’re saying!

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Even when he’s lounging, power man Kevin’s muscles leap off the screen, demanding your attention. This guy has some of the biggest, most muscular thighs I’ve ever seen. His body is amazingly ripped — even his veins are impressive. His diet and workout routine must be superlative, to look that good even when he’s just lying down. Technically he’s nude, but not really — somebody tell him to get rid of that blanket!

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The last thing you think off looking at this guy is that he is a construction worker.  Not with those gold jeans.  I had no idea that they actually make jeans like these.  Well enough with the jeans.  This guys is pretty rip.  He is also a little scary looking as well.  LOL.  Just kidding.

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Super Heavyweight David Riley was the 2010 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Competition Champ and it’s easy to see why. This mammoth muscle man displays almost-unreal size and strength — all rippling abs, monstrous guns and thighs the size of bricks and twice as hard! He now lives in Florida and is available for advice and personal training — giving us all something to aspire to. What an inspiration!

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Today we got a glimpse of this guys work out routine.  After watching this video it becomes clear the level of commitment he has put to attain his physique.  I can’t imagine having to work out that hard everyday and god knows how much he has to eat everyday to maintain that body.


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20 year old Derek Anthony showed off his body after appearing on the national bodybuilding scene.  As a Long Island native Derek enjoyed working out at the local Gold Gyms in the morning and afternoon while sun bathing in between.  Derek was a great to shot.  Look out for him to be appearing on our live cam site soon.

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Welcome to Nude Muscle Men!  This site features photographs of hardcore nude body builders from throughout the world.  The only requirement here is that they guys have to be big and muscular.  So keep coming back to check out of our hot guys as we add them daily.

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